Can I use my disability Blue Badge in Spain? If not, How do I get a Spanish Blue Badge?

The quick answer to this is yes, as a member state of the EU, Spain recognises the ‘Blue Badge’ issued by any other member state and it can be used in the same fashion as at home. If you are not from a member state or you have lived in Spain for some time and now need a badge you can apply for one in Spain.

This is what you will need (although more paperwork could be requested, this will be enough for nearly all applicants)

You must be a legal Spanish resident with an up to date residency certificate.

You will need your passport


You will also be required to have registered as a local resident, this means you must be on the ‘Padron’ where you live. This proves your address and the fact that you live in the area.



You will also need a set of notes from your doctor and in most cases a specialist that makes it clear what you are suffering from and its effects on your body. To qualify for the Blue Badge you will need to prove that your condition makes you a minimum of 33% disabled.

The documents will be forwarded to different departments of the Spanish Government for appraisal, once they are all satisfied you will be sent for a medical assessment performed by a government sanctioned doctor.

The doctor will work for the ‘Centro de Diagnostico y Orientación’ or Centre for Diagnosis. If you live in Javea or any other Alicante Province town the address of the Centre is 37, Calle Teatro, Alicante


Most people can manage this process without too much trouble, even if it means hiring a translator, but you could seek the assistance of a lawyer if you do not feel confident in completing the process yourself.

It should be noted that this is generally considered to be a fairly slow process, so if you need a badge you should apply as soon as possible.


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