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Located just out of Javea town on the edge of Montgo the Steve Jobs School is a private school, and one of around 40 Steve Jobs schools spread across the globe but is the only educational establishment in Spain associated with the late mastermind behind the Apple empire. The premise of education at the school is to develop each individual child’s particular skills, to this end they make extensive use of the latest technological advancements.


Of course there are still plenty of books and more traditional educational tools, but new technology is used, such as each child having their own iPad. The iPad is a way of giving each child their own ‘books’ in the form of the latest educational apps. The concept allows children to develop on their individual talents. To this end they give each student what they term apersonal development plan’ the intention of which is to bring out the best from each individual by giving them their own learning targets. All of this creates an atmosphere conducent with enhancing accelerated learning.

Steve Jobs on Education

The Steve Jobs School offers Nursery, Junior, as well as Summer School activities, and will soon offer Secondary schooling in conjunction with the British National Curriculum as well as lessons in Spanish.

Children are encouraged to take on skills that will assist them in the future and will encompass areas such as thinking critically, being creative, communicating, and co-operating with others, as well as essential problem solving. One of the huge advantages of using iPads is that work done in school can easily be continued at home.

Teachers are well attuned to assisting children in with personal guidance and instruction. Additionally concentrating on what we used to call the three R’s, but in modern times also concentrates on science as well as English and mathematics.

The school claims that they are different from other institutions in that the attention to fostering individual achievement is crucial to their concept, therefor bringing out the best in each student.

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