The Molins Windmills above Javea – Xabia

Els Molins are a line of windmills easily spotted from almost anywhere in the town below. They perch on the hillside overlooking Javea town Arenal beach, and the bay.

From Javea it is a short trip by car taking the CV-736 road that snakes its way from Javea across the mountain to Denia Only 5 minutes after you leave Javea you will see a little sign indicating Els Molins to the right.

The Molins Windmills above Javea Details- Video

Here is the best place to park your car (on the left) there are parking spaces 100 -200 meters from the Molins but only for about five or six, on an overcast November day similar to when I took the images and video it is possible to park there, but in summer it is impossible.

The Molins Windmills above Javea Details- Video

There are a couple of signs to indicate the way, but you can not really get lost. It is a short, flat, walk from the parking area to the Molins (less than 1km) which date back to the 14th to 18th centuries, originally there were eleven of the 7 metre high and 6 metre diameter towers, now only six renovated structures remain.

The Molins Windmills above Javea Details- Video

The windmills were obviously placed in this location to easily catch the Mediterranean breeze to power the windmills, which in turn ground wheat into flour, as well as grinding other grains by making use of the wind and huge round grinding stones. Standing high above the town we can only assume that bringing all the grains up from the plains below was an arduous task in its self without modern transport.

One of the first things you notice is the stunning views stretching out across the town and the bay, as well as the Arenal beach area. You can also spot the port area and the mountains in the distance. The second thing that may catch your eye are several exclusive homes situated just to the rear of the windmills, which seem out of place on such a historic site.


The windmills themselves stand in a line guarding the top of the hillside and have been well restored on the exteriors. Inside the buildings are bare, with a lower area originally used to store grains and an upper area which is where the actual grinding took place.

The area around the Mulins is reasonably flat, but with small rocks protruding from the ground everywhere so care may be needed when approaching the windmills after leaving the tarmacked road. On a clear day the views are stunning, but there is some advantage to visiting on an overcast day as you can actually see the views more clearly without the strong summer sunlight blurring the ocean and landscape.

As the Molins are so close to town the trip is very much worthwhile to see these old structures and the captivating views.

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