Javea to Ibiza, Javea to Mallorca, Javea to Formentera Details – Video

It is reasonably easy to make the trip from Javea to the Balearic Islands of  Ibiza, Mallorca, and Formentera, the first part of the trip is Javea to Denia, by car simply take the road over the Montgo Mountain (CV-735) which leads directly to Denia’s seafront and the harbour is unavoidable, the journey takes around 20 minutes.

Parking is available at the Balearia Port area of the harbour, they have two dedicated parking areas. One is for short term visitors to the Balearia passenger terminal, the second car park is available for those who need long term parking. Both parking areas offer free parking for the first 45 minutes. They also offer a third car park on the ‘mainland’ port area, which is located across the water, opposite the terminal. The rate for long term parking (2016) is €12 per day.

Javea to Ibiza, Javea to Mallorca, Javea to Formentera Details – Video

If you do not have a car you can take a taxi, the cost is €20-€25, if you are staying on the islands for several days it may be more economical pay a return taxi fare than pay the cost of parking at the port.

Javea to Denia Bus

There is a local Javea bus service available from the ‘Olive Tree Roundabout’ on the Avenida de Ondara, it passes through either Gata de Gorgos, Jesus Pobre and La Xara, and leaves Javea at 07-15. 08-30, 09-30, 16-00­­ or –

Javea to Ibiza, Javea to Mallorca, Javea to Formentera

‘Olive Tree Roundabout’ to Las Brisa, Ermita, Hotel Marriot and La Xara, this bus leaves Javea at 11-40, 12-40, and 19-10. Both routes take around 45 min’s into Denia bus station which is in the centre of Denia. You may have to take a taxi to the Olive Tree roundabout as it is around two and a half km from the Arenal beach and may be further from your accommodation.

This service is run by Autocares Carrió 

There is no bus service to Denia from Spanish national carrier ALSA from the main bus station in Javea.

When you arrive in Denia the port is within a reasonable walking distance (about 10 mins) just ask anyone for ‘El puerto’ or just head towards the sea, the port is very obvious once you reach the coastal road. If you do not want to walk there is a taxi rank at the bus station the fare will be around the practical minimum of six euros.

Javea to Ibiza, Javea to Mallorca, Javea to Formentera

If you are walking it is important not to head for the Balearia terminal, this is because the terminal is on the other side of a large ‘horseshoe’ that forms the harbour and is around treble the distance. Instead head for ‘La Panseta’ this is easy to spot, just look for the big Balearia boats and ‘La Panseta’ is directly opposite on the ‘mainland’ coast road.

Javea to Ibiza, Javea to Mallorca, Javea to Formentera Details – Video

Here you can take a boat ride across the harbour and the trip only takes 2 minutes, interestingly the boats plying this route are all very eco-friendly, running on solar power. They are 12 metres long and carry 60 people and they run approximately every 15 min’s, but, as long as you are not too late they will always ensure they get you across in plenty of time for the next ferry departure. The ferry company funds these crossings 100%.

Javea to Ibiza, Javea to Mallorca, Javea to Formentera

In the summer (June to September) they run from 7am until midnight every day, the rest of the year it is 09-30 until 14-30 then 16-00 until 21-00, on weekends and holidays they start at 10-30 am in the winter.


A return adult fare to Ibiza is, very approximately, €110 to €135 winter and summer for a seat, cabins are available at an extra cost. If you are taking a car (most hire companies do not allow you to take their cars to the islands) the cost is, (very approximate), €350 return. The journey takes between three and a half and five and a quarter hours, depending on the crossing you select. The faster crossing are generally smaller ‘fastcraft’ which resemble very large aircraft inside, and the slower crossings are bigger ships, some of which have facilities such as swimming pools.

Javea to Ibiza, Javea to Mallorca, Javea to Formentera


Return adult fare is around €140 (very approximate) for basic seating in the bar area, a car will cost in the region of €330 (again, very approximate) The journey time varies between seven hours forty five minutes and ten hours depending on the sailing you select.


Adult return fare is around €140 (very approximate) for basic seating, a car will cost in the region of €270 (again, very approximate) The journey time varies between five hours and seven hours thirty minutes depending on the sailing you select.

Javea to Ibiza, Javea to Mallorca, Javea to Formentera

Balearia FAQs

Boarding Cards

After your booking is approved you will receive a boarding card for each passenger, vehicles also require boarding cards. You can print these off and take then to the terminal with you, alternatively the company recently introduced Mobile Phone boarding cards, (not available for all departures) this system sends you a QR code which you can use to board. Passengers are advised to arrive in good time for departures and people are allowed on-board 60 minutes before sailing, keep in mind it is quite a long walk along the covered gangplanks from the terminal to the vessel.


Modern security requirements mean that you must have either, a Spanish ID card, a government issued EU ID card, or a passport, in order to travel. All children must have an official ID issued by the child’s country of origin, children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. If the adult is not the child’s guardian they must have written consent from their guardian.

Javea to Ibiza, Javea to Mallorca, Javea to Formentera


Cars must have a valid boarding pass, and vehicles must arrive 90 minutes before scheduled departures. You should carry all your vehicle documentation with you as it may be checked by the company or port police.


Balearia do allow dogs to be transported in the companies cages, which are usually stored in a designated area on deck (note that ‘fastcraft’ design means you can not go out on deck to visit your pat, so if this is a concern book a larger vessel). You will need a valid health certificate, without the certificate-card the dog will not be permitted on board. At the time of writing the company does not charge for transporting pets to the Balearic’s. You can not transport an animal in your own vehicle or in the regular passenger areas.


You can also transport other items such as bicycles (free) and surfboards or just about any other cargo that you can carry, although it is best to include these items with your booking.

Javea to Ibiza, Javea to Mallorca, Javea to Formentera

Pregnancy and Babies

Expectant mothers who are at less than 36 weeks at time of departure are allowed to travel (32 weeks for multiple pregnancy) there is a proviso that women over 28 weeks at time of departure must indicate this fact when making the booking. In addition upon boarding you will be required to produce a doctor’s certificate indicating you are well enough to travel. For some this may present an issue, as the document can not be more than 7 days old at time of departure.

iJavea to Ibiza, Javea to Mallorca, Javea to Formentera Details – Video

The paperwork must state number of weeks and if it is a single or multiple pregnancy as well as the presumed date of birth. It must also state that you are healthy, and must be clearly dated indicating how long the certificate is valid for. It is also essential that the name of the doctor is clearly shown along with his or her phone number. If you do not have this documentation it is purely at the company’s discretion if they allow you to board or not, it is probable that they will not accept you aboard.

Javea to Ibiza, Javea to Mallorca, Javea to Formentera Details – Video

There are full facilities for babies on board all company vessels including changing areas, high chairs, children’s menu’s, and if you book a cabin then you can request a travel cot, many larger vessels also have dedicated children’s play areas, some also offer audio visual children’s entertainment and during the summer months some ships even offer supervised children’s activities.

Click for Balearia Website 


The police at Denia port are well accustomed to searching people and vehicles heading to the islands, especially the party island of Ibiza, and seeing individuals and cars being searched at the port is a common sight.

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