Animals in Javea – Pink jellyfish (Pelagia Noctiluca) Video

The Pink Jellyfish is, on occasion, found in the waters around Javea, although it is a far from common sight and generally is only spotted by divers in deeper waters. Its sting is painful but does not result in any other symptoms found with other jellyfish, obviously it is better to avoid touching the creature should you happen to come across one.


This jellyfish has an ‘umbrella’ style head which forms a dome, this species can reach up to one metre in length and diameter. This variety only has very short tentacles. The ‘border’ or fringe of the jellyfish is made up of 96 different areas or ‘lobes’ these are a very attractive blue-ish­­-violet colour, in addition it sports 16 sensory organs. The body is a white or very pale blue colour.

This video was taken by divers just off the coast of Javea

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