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Once you retire you suddenly find you have free time that you can spend on your interests, but you may not know how to get started. This is where Javea U3A (University of The Third Age) can be the best organisation you could join. Based in Javea, this branch of U3A is a social group that is designed to bring people together who are no longer employed full time so that they can enrich their lives through shared interests

Many members form lifelong friends via U3A and partake in a large variety of leisure, educational, and recreational activities based on their interests and level of commitment


Within the Javea U3A group are a variety of activities and groups that members are invited to enjoy based on things they want to learn, experience, and share.

Of course, it also depends how much time they want to dedicate to the group as there are weekly and monthly groups fitting for everyone’s needs. Spanish for Beginners, poetry groups, healthy walks, Bridge Club (for various levels), practical computer knowledge, book clubs, reading groups, paddle tennis, card making, canasta, aerobics, painting, wine appreciation, live model art, guitar courses, badminton, discussion groups, ladies paddle, snooker, and singles socials are just a few of the many options for those who want to get involved.

Couples will find plenty of activity groups that cater to their needs so that they do not have to sign up alone. A lot of people find this is the best way to get into the Javea U3A group so that they can meet other new friends with similar interests. For example, some popular groups for two are the Paddle Tennis for two and Canasta Two. If cards happen to be your thing by the way Javea U3A has plenty of activity groups for card sharks including Bridge, Cards for Fun, Canasta, as well as Mahjong, and other games.

You don’t have to be a couple to enjoy the fun of the Javea activity groups however, as there are plenty of great activity groups anyone can sign up for on their own. There are also groups designed to help people socialise who are on their own such as Solo on a Sunday, the Singles Social, and Dine and Dance. Ladies will also enjoy the chance to socialise with each other with the special activity groups designed for them like Ladies that Lunch, Ladies Friday Pedel, and more.


As people age they also tend to get less exercise, but it’s commonly known that you have to keep moving it, or lose it. Those who need some encouragement to stay healthy will certainly find it with Javea U3A. There are a lot of groups formed around getting some fresh air for people of all fitness levels.

There are groups that take walks around the city for gentle walkers and intermediate walkers. There is also Sit and Be Fit which is a great way to start exercising if you have not been very active for some time. Any of the sporting clubs are a great way to recreationally stay in shape like Paddle or table tennis. Traveling is another great way to get some exercise, and Javea U3A helps make this simple too.


There are also events planned by the Javea U3A group around the year that are special times to celebrate in large groups. For instance, this year the Javea U3A will present a New Year’s Eve Scottish Hogmanay Party as a way to welcome the New Year for all its members with dinner and drinks included. Other events that they hosted in the past include the Christmas Extravaganza, Barn Dance at Venta de Posa in October, a May Ball held at the Carrasco, and an Anniversary Ball. Most of these events are held every year and are a great way to get out and meet new people in the Javea community.

Javea Bridge Club offers afternoons of fun

There are also regular events held every month that encourage people to mingle with each other and meet new friends while celebrating with old friends. These events tend to sell out quickly so if interested members are encouraged to buy their tickets as soon as event details are released. These events frequently take place at the Parador Hotel although other events may take place at alternate venues in and around Javea.

They include Cultural Art nights with themes such as Jazz at the Parador or holiday concerts from the Costa Blanca Voice Choir. Other popular regular events include wine appreciation nights and lunches as well as Spanish Culture & Cuisine parties. There are also regular quiz nights on Thursdays at the Javea Golf Club for those who want to test their knowledge.


A large part about living somewhere away from your home culture is soaking in the local cultural arts of the area. Javea U3A is a great way to learn about the local culture of Spain. Every month there are also many meals planned that feature Spanish and other cuisines. These are great since sometimes they offer members the taste of home and other times they allow members to try even more new cuisines. Something as simple as taking part in these dining events can be a great way to broaden one’s horizons.

Additionally, the cultural arts committee of Javea U3A works hard to plan events every month that allow people to experience different aspects of the Marina Alta. Members are invited to share input about any shows, exhibitions, or events around the Marina Alta area so that they can be shared with others in the group.

Another example of the different events offered, and occurring in December is the Christmas Market open at the IT Market every day of the weekend and the Flamenco Show which took place on Dec. 7th and featured a Tapas Dinner. At the end of the month the Christmas Divas Show is scheduled for December 22nd at 20:30pm Also showing at the end of the month is A Tribute to II Divo at 20:30pm at the Parador. Once again tickets cost 20 euros and dinner can be added on for another 15 euros.


Those who are adventurous will also want to check out what the Javea U3A Travel Team have to offer. The Travel Team puts together one day trips throughout Spain and other activities that encourage members to see the world that surrounds them. They also sporadically book longer trips that include hotel accommodation for those who want to a full tour with the group. This year the Javea U3A has already planned a day trip to Valencia and longer excursions to Granada, Ronda, Avila, and Asturias.  The trips include bus fare, hotel accommodations if applicable, and tours of the cities, but also include time for members to wander on their own.

The only requirement to join Javea U3A is that you are not employed full time. If you meet this requirement then you are welcome to enrol in the club. Once you join you can partake in any activity group and all trips, events, and excursions (although some such as travel groups do have extra costs). Monthly meetings of the Javea U3A group are held on the last Wednesday of every month at the Parador. It should be noted that there are no meetings on the last Wednesday of July, August, or December because of holidays.


The meetings take place at 11am but new members are asked to come drop off their application and pay their fee between the hours of 9:30am and 10:30am. The membership desk closes promptly at 10:30 each meeting so please do not be late. There is a €10 fee for joining and a yearly fee of €10.  All new members are asked to fill out a new membership application available at the U3A website. If you do not have access to a printer you can also pick up an application in person at the membership desk during the noted hours. Membership is good for one year after which it must be renewed by paying the yearly subscription in January.


Main meetings of the Javea U3A organisation start at 11am prompt and everyone that is enrolled in the organisation is welcome to come. The start of the meeting is usually formal followed by a guest speaker and then an open forum for members to talk about anything they like. Members often frequently come to the Parador during the hours of 9:30 am and 10:45am before the meeting starts to take care of other matters. For instance, you can talk to the Travel Group and book trips with the club, book your tickets for any upcoming events, and visit the Book and DVD Swap desk so that you can get materials from home.

Javea U3A was created to help offer older adults a place to belong in Spain. The club is filled with social and learning activities that allow people to enjoy their Golden Years in style. It is a great place for forming friendships that extend for decades. However, part of retiring and joining this organisation is aging, and that means that sometimes loved ones and friends are lost to aging. Many people consider Javea U3A their second family since the club supports all of its members who may have family abroad.


However, some members may have just moved to the area and do not have a firm support group formed yet in the community when they suffer a large loss. Javea U3A recognises this fact and therefore reaches out to people that may feel isolated after suffering a loss in a new country. They make an effort to offer a point of contact and someone to share their grief with via their Care and Share program. Their network of support continues to help for months after a loss since they know that support does not come as easily in the months that follow a loss. The goal of Javea U3A is to help members fill the gap in their life with meaningful activities and friends.


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