December 2016 Storms trash Arenal Beach Javea – Video- UPDATED

Javea has had a weekend of fairly severe weather ranging from high winds, huge continuous down-pores and large thunderstorms.

Arenal beach javea stormsKids play on the mounds of sand on Thursday night

It is pretty unusual for the weather to turn quite so ugly in the Northern Costa Blanca, even in the middle of winter, but this weekend, with just a week to go before Christmas, saw a real deluge all across the Costa Blanca area.

Javea Winter WeatherQuiet before the storm 

The worst effects came from the seemingly never ending rain that fell day and night, and is still falling very heavily (Afternoon Mon Dec 19) I heard on local radio that a man was swept away by rushing water in Finestrat over the weekend, and another killed when his car turned upside down, so it is clear this weather is not to be ignored.

All towns along the coast face serious issues when the rain is heavy, and it has been a long time since the rain has been so heavy and so relentless.

winter on Javea beach

The main issue comes from the fact that nearly all Costa Blanca coastal towns lie between the mountains and the sea. Therefore the water rushing down the mountains heading for the sea is channelled directly into the towns and often overwhelms the canals, pipes, and other outlets that run through resorts such as Javea.

winter storms costa blanca

A trip to Arenal Beach this lunchtime shows that the weather is also rolling in from the Ocean and battering the coast.

december weather javea

The big piles of sand to the rear of the beach were not actually caused by the waves, but were actually created by local government workers during last week as news of the impending weather became available,

Arenal beach xabia winter weather

There can be little doubt that if the sand had not been pushed back and piled high and wide the waves would have quickly washed it away.

Xabia winter weather

Despite all this nasty weather the forecast for Christmas this weekend is good and we are promised sunshine, such is the extreme changeability of the weather on the Costa Blanca during the winter months.


Javea Surfer

I went down to the beach again yesterday to take a look and spotted a surfer making the best of the rough sea’s.

It now looks as if Javea managed to escape the very worst of two days of wind and rain which claimed the lives of six people along the Costa Blanca coast.

To get an idea of how heavy this years ‘gota fria’ rainfall was, more rain fell in 48 hours than has fallen in the entire 12 previous months.

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