Playa Ambolo Javea’s Nudist Beach Details – Video

The Costa Blanca boasts so many inviting beaches that describing them in suitably glowing terms becomes quite challenging. However most beach-goers enjoy a challenge and that must be why so many of them have posted glowing reviews of this particular one of Javea’s nine beaches – Playa Ambolo.

Descubridor Island

To begin with, Ambolo beach is not all that ‘inviting’ in terms of advertisements or even road signs.

The best directions available for visitors unfamiliar with the area suggest that one needs to take the CV 742 south out of Javea towards Cabo de la Nao. Descubridor Island is just off Ambolo beach, so that’s a landmark to use in locating the access road. The nearest major road to the beach is Cabo de la Nao.

There is some parking available behind the residential area above the beach, where you can park your car at the top of the cliff.

Playa Ambolo Javea's Nudist Beach Details - Video

If you’re interested in the Miradors or watchtowers that are frequently found on this coast, you may have located the Mirador de Ambolo; there are other spots where you can get a good look at the cove and beach of Ambolo. From above the scene is a large horseshoe-shaped cove with one large, craggy rock sticking up fairly near to the shore and the whale-like silhouette of Descubridor Island lying just off the southern point of the cove.

On sunny days (which most of them are) the shallows are a limpid green shading to aqua and to sapphire in deeper waters. If you have eagle vision or decent binoculars, you can just about count the pebbles on the bottom, and even without either you can pick out the shapes and colours of underwater flora and fauna – that’s how clear the water is in this cove.

Once you’ve laid eyes on the Playa Ambolo from a vantage point up on the cliffs, you’ll almost certainly have a powerful urge to get down there and experience it; in that respect it is immensely inviting. However getting down there (and back up) is not a casual stroll and really not for the faint-hearted. To date there are no reports of anyone ever being injured or even coming close to it, but a sense of adventure is advisable.

Playa Ambolo Javea's Nudist Beach Details - Video

There is a trail leading from the car parking area to a wooden walkway that leads all the way down to the beach. It’s a fairly ‘long’ walk (about 30 metres) and though it’s not terribly steep at any point you’ll probably want to wear some comfortable walking shoes and carry your flip-flop. Note that there are absolutely no ‘amenities’ on the beach; no life guard, no refreshment stands, no toilets, and even clothing is optional.

Playa Ambolo Javea's Nudist Beach Details - Video

Yes, Ambolo is designated as a nudist beach, so be aware if that’s a drawback for you personally. However most of the beach-goers are locals, and the majority of them wear normal bathing clothes, so you won’t feel uncomfortable either way. The almighty attraction of this secluded little beach is the beautiful water and the scenery therein rather than what or who is on the beach.

Snorkelers and scuba divers will find themselves close to Paradise here, with pellucid, calm water and countless outcrops of rock and coral to explore. That big craggy rock is within easy swimming distance from shore, and it offers a truly beckoning cave in one side and a natural arch on the other – perfect for exploring either with or without scuba/snorkeling gear. If you’re adventurous and fairly athletic, the rocks offer handholds to climb as far as you dare before you leap or dive back into the water, and the sides are steep enough so there’s no worry about landing in shallow water.

Playa Ambolo Javea's Nudist Beach Details - Video

Ambolo is the sort of beach that goes better with a little planning if you intend to spend a few hours or a day. Be prepared to carry whatever you want to eat and drink, as well as all your underwater gear. A lightweight air mattress to rest on in or out of the water is a bonus, but there are plenty of wide, smooth flat rocks that make excellent lolling and picnicking spots,, if you remembered to bring your lunch.

The beach is about 300 metres long, and there is a lovely crescent of white silica sand that ends pretty much right against the cliff’s edge. Elsewhere you’ll find the terrain to be pebbly and tough on bare feet, so beach shoes are recommended even if you don’t wear anything else. Because of the limited access this beach is seldom crowded, but in summer high season parking up near the beach walkway may be a problem, so plan to get there early in the day.

For serious divers or snorkelers, Descubridor Island is a real magnet, but you can’t get there from Ambolo beach without a boat, and you need to arrange that transport in advance. There are several reputable agencies that offer excursions to the island and other ideal diving spots, so if that’s on your agenda check with the Javea tourist office, and plan to book at least five days in advance when you decide on the best offer for your own needs and preferences.

Playa Ambolo Javea's Nudist Beach Details - Video

Back to the beach at Ambolo: to get the most out of your visit, when you visit, be ready to get there in the morning and to hike both down to the beach and back up again, carrying everything you feel you’ll need in the way of food, drink and gear. That gear will ideally include some sort of sun shade since there is no cover on the beach, and shoes that can go in the water. Oh, and don’t forget the camera, because you’ll want to re-visit the beach and the day as often as possible.

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