A quick overview of Spanish food offerings in Javea

The cooking of Spain, noted for its uncommonly appealing flavours and the exceptional quality of its produce, has long been a source of pride to Spaniards.

The foods of Spain are not hot and spicy as some imagine them to be, but closely linked to robust Mediterranean flavours based on olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, peppers, grains and fish -all recognized today as important elements of a healthy diet. In its own inimitable style Spain combines these ingredients into simple but exceptionally tasty dishes.Each of the gastronomical regions of the country is also a political region. It makes sense that when you are in each region you may want to sample the best local offering as they tend to use fresh local ingredients and there is a strong element of ‘love’ going into a traditional local dish.


Hearty traditional fare often shares menus with creative new wave cooking by some of the world’s most acclaimed chefs. Indeed, outstanding restaurants have proliferated in recent years, and you will find fine eating in the most deluxe restaurants as well as in humble inns and taverns. Not to be missed are Spain’s tapas, appetizer foods that are offered before lunch and again before dinner in thousands of bars and taverns across the country. Tapas come in endless varieties and provide the opportunity to “graze” in casual and spirited surroundings and to feel the pulse of the country. Eating tapas style is an exciting way to sate hunger between meals or a splendid alternative to a traditional full course meal. 


The wines of Spain, quintessentially Spanish in their taste, are the ideal accompaniment to Spanish foods, and wine experts agree that Spain is producing some of the world’s finest and most exciting wines today. Wine making in Spain is a 3,000 year-old tradition, although production of quality wines is a much more recent development that began at the end of the last century. The variety of Spanish wines is also remarkable, running the gamut from dry sherry and sparkling cavas, to distinctive table wines, dessert wines, sweet sherries, brandies and liqueurs. Spanish wines, although appropriate with any kind of cuisine, compliment the foods of each region of Spain like no others. Food and wine should be an integral part of every traditional meal.

Valencia is famous for its Paella, not only is it considered the best variation of the dish it is also accepted as the birthplace of this classic Spanish meal, so you should consider order Paella while in Javea. Fresh food is the staple of Valencian cooking, with fresh fruit, fresh meat, fresh seafood and a whole host of fresh vegetables.

A quick overview of Spanish food offernings

Other popular Valencian dishes include Arros negre (rice that has been cooked in the black ink of the squid) which, not surprisingly is served with squid. Fideua A noodle dish mixed with a variety of seafood’s. Emboltits are very tasty cured sausages.A simple but tasty appetiser is allioli, a garlic based spread that tastes wonderful of fresh bread


Valencia has so much more to offer those who want to try something new and interesting and you may be surprised that you will find several dishes that keep you coming back.


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