Benidorm has so much to offer visitors

Benidorm has a reputation as one of the great party towns of Europe, with endless bars, places to eat, and all manor of entertainment, here is a quick overview of what the most popular resort in Spain has to offer visitors and holidaymakers travelling from Javea, which is only 40 minutes away by car.

Benidorm has turned into one of the most hospitable cities in the world and takes on this key role in international tourism with the naturalness as their ancestors, many of them sailors, who were accustomed to the peculiarities of ancient cultures spontaneously adapt to the strange modern cultures of Northern Europeans. And with more than a century of tourist activity, and 50 years of being a major resort destination, this city takes to visitors with warmth and hospitality.

In the south, Benidorm retreats in the shelter of its surrounding mountains, characterized by mild winters, splendid springs, warm summers with pleasant late afternoons and delicious autumn days, which offer the visitor clean air and temperatures that can compete with the most pleasant of the planet.

Benidorm has so much to offer visitors3

More than 4 million tourists each year confirm the supremacy that Benidorm occupies among all the most popular tourist cities in the world.

Of course beaches are the major attraction of the city, and over decades they have managed to integrate into the urban background of high rise living and offers a city-beach attraction suited to both adults and children equally. The transparent clarity of the water of the Mediterranean makes the sea and the beach the centre of tourist life, not only in Benidorm, but also in the surroundings towns.

Nightfall takes Benidorm into an parallel universe of entertainment, with huge numbers of pubs, restaurants, “tapas bars” and disco’s. The pubs and café’s along the beach see thousands of people parading along ‘the front’ sampling the varied delights on offer. And the discos, some of which are among the best in the world, offer dancing and fun until the sun comes up.

Benidorm has so much to offer visitors2

Typical Spanish restaurants are rustic in style, there are also food offerings from just about every European country and beyond, as well as international-style hamburger joints, and large numbers of British food offerings. With prices ranging from the most economic in Spain, to the most sophisticated quality restaurants. There is also a massive contingent of well-stocked shops invites visitors to look around and finds a bargain: Conventional souvenir shops, chic boutiques, jewellery shops, fur shops and bazaars of all kinds line all the main streets,

Without forgetting the typical and picturesque markets offer other seductions which can not be avoided with hundreds of stalls offering everything you can think of. The giant variety of places to go and things to do has made Benidorm the King of Spanish tourism, making it a meeting place for all nationalities, age groups and lifestyles.

Benidorm has so much to offer visitors1
The retirees who take advantage of the mildness of winter to live their life to the full in a pleasant climate, basically the town has something for everyone.

One of the main reasons for the success of Benidorm as a resort town lies in its development as an entertainment City: There is something for absolutely everyone, allowing children, teenagers and adults to share in the endless fun. The atmosphere depends very much on live music, and concerts, as well as other performances from dancing, to comedians, to magicians keeping the party going, and the festivals offer traditional parades always topped off with spectacular fireworks.

Benidorm has so much to offer visitors

Water parks, water sports, tennis courts, squash, golf, athletics, karting, gliding, swimming, martial arts, calm and the transparent water of the sea make this an ideal place for sailing competitions, swimming and diving.

There are more than 38 thousand beds available in the hotel establishments and the countless facilities block after block of apartments, as well as hostels and campsites making every type of accommodation available for tourists throughout the year.

Everyone can find something to enjoy in Benidorm, regardless of their tastes in food and entertainment.

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