Why are so many people leaving the Costa Blanca to go home?

The news is full of the mass exodus from Spain as thousands of expats give up their dream of living in the sun and returning to blighty disheartened and disillusioned. According to the Spanish Government 250,000 foreign residents ‘fell off’ the Padron in 2016. That amounts to a huge number of people giving up on Spain and moving ‘home’.

The thing you have to ask yourself here, however, is what do they really think is waiting for them back there. Rising inflation, energy prices and water costs and the ups and downs of BREXIT for British expats, are just some of the joys awaiting those going home, and with wages frozen and more people in debt than ever, it isn’t the homecoming many are expecting.

Those of us sitting in the gloom of one of the worst Spanish winters for years may still find it hard to understand why people would want to leave. On the other hand those who have worked over here and depended on the Spanish economy for a living have seen their businesses go to the wall, and not being eligible for any benefits they have made the decision to return home. Those who didn’t work over here, however, are all too aware where they are better off, and are staying well and truly in the sun.

Granted the Euro isn’t forming particularly well, but it is still favourable to the Pound when both the cost, and quality, of living is taken into consideration. There are many on disability and other benefits in the UK , for whom making the move in the opposite direction to Spain and taking advantage of the low rents and house prices and overall enjoying a much better ‘life’ than they would in the UK.

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Those who are self employed whose tools are the Internet and a computer are also making the move, as their business depends on an Internet connection, nothing more, nothing less. They are enjoying the fact that they can sit in the sun tapping away rather than being indoors with the rain lashing against the windows trying to type with gloves on as it costs too much to crank the heating up.

Everyone’s circumstances are different, but all things considered Spain is a still a pretty good option for huge numbers of European Expats.

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