Algar Waterfalls and Algar Dino Park Costa Blanca

If you are looking for a new place to slip away and explore in the Javea area then you should plan a trip out to the Fuentes del Algar Waterfalls. This can make a great day trip as it is less than an hour from Javea. If you are an avid swimmer or just love messing around in the water you will find a lot to enjoy at the Algar Waterfalls. You can easily spend a few hours playing the many pools and falls on offer. After all, fresh air combined with the chance to take a dip into fresh water in the summer-time is hard to beat. Plus, if you still have some time left over on the day you can also plan a trip over to Dino Park Algar which is close by.

The Algar waterfalls are stunning for a few reasons, all of which are easy to see once you arrive, but for those who need some convincing here is a little background. The falls are part of the Algar river which reaches the Mediterranean at Altea. However, before it gets to the sea it passes through Callosa d’en Sarria which is about 15kms from Benidorm and Altea. It is at this central location that the waterfalls form as the river cascades over naturally formed rocks and then forms natural pools before it continues on. The entire area is formally referred to as Fuentes del Algar Waterfalls and is considered a nature reserve. As a nature reserve it is protected by the Valencian Government so the beauty is unspoilt.

algar waterfalls

Prior to leaving for your trip there are a few things that you should consider. First of all, you should bring a swimsuit so that you can enjoy your time in the many pools created by the Algar waterfalls. You also should make sure that you bring a towel so that you can get back in your car comfortably although on super-hot sunny days you will probably be dry before you get back down the trail. Also make sure that you wear a good set of walking shoes or sports shoes because the trek is over a mile if you stay on trail and due to the nature of the attraction there are a lot of slippery spots.

Admission prices

Admission prices are € 4 for adults and € 2 for kids up to the age of ten. Once you pay admission you can head right up to the waterfalls along the footpath or you can stop at the top of the footpath stairs and visit the wooden building. Inside the structure you will find a small cafeteria, toilets, and souvenir shop. Thus, this is a great stop to just make sure that little ones in your party have used the toilet before heading into the natural and scenic side of the waterfalls where toilets are not quite as easy to find.

Algar waterfalls Costa Blanca

Once you are ready follow the footpath and descend down the wooden steps. There is a path well outlined that runs along the river that will take you from one Algar falls cascade to the next. The path is 1.5km long and if you follow it, not only will get some exercise, but you will also get the chance to see some of the beautiful most scenic views in the region.

While the waterfalls themselves are obviously worth viewing, there is a lot more for a keen nature enthusiast to keep their eyes on. The entire nature reserve is filled with thriving Mediterranean flora that is a treat to see. Plus, there is an arboretum on the nature reserve that visitors are allowed to tour. Therefore, you don’t even have to have a keen eye as the park’s employees have cultivated its vegetation in one area so that you can view it all with full understanding.


Additionally, while you are in town to see the Fuentes del Algar Waterfalls make sure you take a little while to tour the town of Callosa. The town itself is full of plenty of great historical sites. The town dates back to medieval times and parts of the Fortalesa de Bernia can be seen. It is also worth the time to see the El Poadar de la Font Mayor, which is interesting just because it is unique. The historical structure was constructed in 1786 and was used for people to wash. It had enough space to accommodate 70 people bathing at a time.

Sierra de Callosa

Of course, before touring the town you will want to head to the Algar waterfalls and they are worth a good chunk of your time. The entire path is made out of stone and wood and the boardwalks have strong wooden banisters that can grab when the trail gets slippery. You don’t have to stay on the trails however, if you want to explore a little as most guests do. While you will not want to head deep into the reserve, there are plenty of great spots to stop and sit along the way that are easily within sight of the trail.

Many people enjoy jumping off the trail and heading off onto the rocks. The rocks can be fun to climb, and the best part is they often lead over to the pools. You can easily swim in the pools and during the hot summer months the water is still quite cool making a quick dip even more enjoyable. The pools are filled with crystal blue waters and the locals refer to them as the ‘source of health.’ One of the most popular pools along the trail is the Toll de la Para which is right at the walkway turning point. Also along the way you will see many century-old ditches and canals as well as an old dam.

A lot of visitors enjoy jumping off the cliffs into the water, which make the waterfalls even more of a joy. There is something indescribable about jumping off high cliffs into the crisp blue water that is worth very minute. Hitting the cool crisp water and coming back out into the warm air makes it even more thrilling. Of course, given the cool temperature of the falls this is another reason to make sure that you bring a towel. There are cliffs of all sizes around the waterfalls so thrill seekers and those who just want to wade into the pools will find something that meets their level of adventure.

Once you reach the end of the path you can go back towards the exit by going down the wooden stairs or you can go just a further bit more and walk through the tunnel. The tunnel will lead out to a clearing, which is where the arboretum can be found. There is also a picnic area so if you packed a snack or lunch you can sit down and eat it, which can be the perfect end to a day out in the sun. From here you can walk right out to the car parking area.

You don’t have to worry too much about all of these directions because the path runs in a circle so you will always end up back at the start if you follow one direction long enough. Additionally, when you pay for your admission you will be given a map that can help guide you through. Hang onto this map because it indicates the major points of interest on and off the trail, so you can make sure you see everything that the Fuentes del Algar Waterfalls have to offer. Also near the car-park you will find nisperas for sale, which are yellow and orange fruit that are native to the area. Make sure to buy a few of these because they are a fruity treat not worth missing out on.

Opening times

Opening times of the Algar waterfalls vary based on the season that you choose to head out to see them. During the winter months of December through February they are open from 9am to 15:30pm with a few exceptions on the holidays so you would be wise to check before heading out. From March through June the park is open from 9:30am until 17:30pm although the third week of March the park stays open an extra thirty minutes at night. During the summer months of July and August the Algar waterfalls are open from 8:30am to 20.00pm. This continues through the first part of September but during the second week the hours alter to 8:30am and 18:30pm.

Finally, during the autumn months of October and November the falls are open from 9am to 17:30pm with a few exceptions, so be sure to call or check the operating website first.

Don’t let the Algar waterfalls be the only attraction you check out while you are in the area as there are a handful of other great things that are worth seeing while in Callosa d’en Sarria.

Dino Park Algar

One of them is the Dino Park Algar, which is a large leisure park that has a dinosaur theme as the name denotes. It is situated in the middle of the Cactus d’Algar Botanical Gardens, which means that you get to see some very interesting plants and enjoy the themed side of the dinosaur park. There are plenty of attractions within the park to keep both children and adults happy and it is a theme park that deserves at visit at least, although many people will find themselves coming back for again and again.

Dino Park Algar

Of course, the major attraction of the park is huge moving dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are spread out around the park and some move while others are static. The dinosaurs featured in the park all date back to the Mesozoic period. While they will easily steal the attention of the kids, they are not the only historical feature at the park. There is also the ‘Journey to the Earth’s Past’ exhibit where visitors are invited to see giant claws and teeth of predators that lived during the same time period. All of the items in the pavilion are real adding to their appeal.

3D cinema

Other attractions found at the Dino Park Algar include a 3D cinema where guests can view 3D films about dinosaurs and other historical features that revolve around the same time period. There is also a small lake that kids can paddle onto to cool off. While there is a small café on the property, and there is also a picnic area within the Dino Park Algar so you can bring your own food and refreshments if you wish. This way you can enjoy a picnic out with the kids and the great attractions within the park.

The Dino Park Algar also features an amazing cactus garden given its location and even allows you a chance to see the oldest plant in the world. The oldest plant is called the Wollemia Noblis and has been situated in the park for the past 11 years. All of these attractions are surrounded by open green spaces which makes the leisure park even more appealing to those who just like spending time outside in nature.

wollemia_algar--- Dino Park Algar

The entire park covers 6 acres, and although not all of it is accessible, a lot of it is and covered with attractions so make sure to wear comfortable shoes. Dino Park Algar is actually part of the West Media DinoPark franchise so if you have enjoyed any of the other Dino Parks in the past, chances are that you will greatly enjoy this one as well. There are 30 scenes that feature robotic and static dinosaurs and each scene has a sound system, decorations, and educational signs to help kids and their parents learn about the history of the scenes that are depicted. There is also a playground that is designed for smaller children and some dinosaur models that do not move that are stationed away from the carnivorous dinos that are ideal for younger children that may be afraid of the T-Rex. The playground also features a sand pit where kids get the chance to dig for dinosaur bones on their own.

Opening times

Dino Park Algar is closed during the winter months of December through February. When it opens back up in March it stays open from 10am until 18pm through June. In July and August the hours change and the park is open from 10am until 20pm. Then in September and October the park scales back its hours slightly again and hours shift to 10am until 18pm. Finally, the park opens in November for those who still want one more chance to see the dinosaurs from 10am to 17pm before closing for the winter.

Dino Park Algar Copsta Blanca

Given the fact that you can easily spend all day at the Dino Park Algar the prices are quite affordable. Adults are €15 and children from the ages of four to 15 are €10. Children under four get in for free, and any group that includes more than four visitors will receive a 10% discount off of their tickets. The park takes bank cards and cash.


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