A Few Fun Spain FAQs

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Known for the bullfights, the world-class cuisine and its intoxicating culture, Spain is considered to be one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The country caters to hundreds of tourists flocking its shores year after year. But before you head out to this part of the world, here are some interesting facts that you should know about the country and Spanish culture that will make you appreciate that visit even more.

Fun Fact # 1: Spain is considered to be the second richest in the tourism industry. earning a whopping 70 billion Euros from its tourist industry alone. So when you head out to the country, rest assured that there will always be a establishment that can cater to your every wish and whim- from five star hotels, budget accommodations to every travel and tour offers that you can imagine.

Fun Fact # 2: Spain should be called the olive-oil capital of the world. Why so? This is because the country produces 44% of the olive oil in the world. More than 25% of the olive oil produced in Spain comes from the town of Jaen. The olive cooking oil is considered to be one of the staple cooking ingredients in Spanish cuisine.

Fun Fact # 3: Although the modern day paella one of the most famous Spanish dishes is largely made out of different kinds of sea food, the original version was actually made out of chicken, snail meat or pork. Paella originated from the town of Valencia where seafood is very rare. Snail meat was one of the most common ingredients for those who could not afford pork, chicken or rabbit meat. Today, the town of Valencia still makes one of the best Paellas in the world and regularly hold cooking contest during town fiestas. If you are a huge fan of the dish, then a visit during these times would be one great gastronomical experience.

Fun Fact # 4: A common misconception: is not a kind of food but a way of eating. In local dialect, tapas literally mean to cover. Traditionally, this way made to refer to placing a piece of cheese or ham over a hot drink. Today, the term is used to referred to food any kind of food served in pubs and bars some free of charge, some not.

Spanish Tapas

Fun Fact # 5: The third largest plantations in Spain are the grape vines, accounting to more than 15% of the worlds wine production. But although Spain is most famous for its exquisite, world class red-wines, more than half of their vineyard productions are white wines. More than half of the wines produced in the country are considered to be one of the finest wines in the world today.

Fun Fact # 6: Nudity IS legal in Spain. So when you head out to the beach, do not be surprised to see people skinny dipping or simply basking everything out in the sun. This is a completely normal and accepted norm in the country.

So there you have it, interesting facts that any traveller should know about the country. So why not put this in your next destination list and experience all these interesting sights and sounds first hand

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