The Spanish passion for Flamenco and Music

Enrique_Bunbury playing guitar black and white

An authentic southern Spanish art form, Flamenco music can be best explained by dividing it into three forms – Cane the song, Baile the dance, and Guitarra the guitar. Many diverse cultural countries once dominated Spain therefore Spanish music has been influenced by a myriad of cultures, for example, the fathers of Spanish music could easily be the Gypsies, other influences included the Tartessos and the Muslims.

Determining how and why and in what context Spanish music was influenced is very difficult but those influences gave rise to many styles and ways that are very different form the rest of Europe.

Deborah_Greenfield dancing Flamenco black and white

Early on it was the Moors, Greeks and Romans that influenced the musical composition. Mozarabic chant is the name of the music of Spain’s Christian Church and during the early Renaissance the Spanish instrumental music was greatly influenced by Arabic music.

Flamenco_en_el_Palacio_Andaluz,_Sevilla performance on stage

Polyphonic style originated in Spain during the 16th century and was related to the style of Franco-Flemish dancing. Composers like Antonio Soler were influence by Italians during the arrival of Classicism. Italian composers such as Luigi Boccherini and Domenico Scarlatti were appointed by the famous Madrid Court, all showing the different influences that were created in Spanish music.

The locals and tourists have a great deal of interest in music and music festivals were originated to boost local tourism, and measures were taken to help popularize and make Spanish music more well known.

Pandaverdiales street performance

Folk based singers and song writers are also important to Spanish music and its impact on its culture. In the Basque Country, folk music such as Cantabrian includes intricate arch and stick dances without the predominant role of tabor pipes. And all over the area of Castilea strong tradition of dance music from rondalla and dulzaina groups is the tradition.

Enrique_Bunbury on stage black and white

American rock and British beat music combine to make Ye Ye. Spanish singers and groups at the forefront of their profession include the likes of; Enrigue Iglesias, Rosa Lopez, Miguel Bose and groups such as Los Bravos, Greta, Pereza, David Bustamante,Miguel Bosé,Braulio,Concha Buika,Enrique Bunbury,Montserrat Caballé,Camarón de la Isla,and Falling Kids and of course there are many, many more.

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