A Few Great Things to Do In Valencia City

Arts and sciences museum Valencia

Valencia is a charming city in itself to spend a week holidaying in with plenty of attractions, nightlife, and restaurants to make it accommodating to all types of visitors. The following is a list of the top ten things to do in Valencia to help make sure that your holiday to the city is one you will never forget.

Visit the City of Arts and Science complex

One of the most notable structures in Valencia is the City of Arts and Sciences which is actually made up of several different buildings and plenty of attractions to keep you busy for a day or even more depending on how much time you will be in Valencia. Within the complex you will find a Planetarium, a Science Museum, an IMAX cinema, and an aquarium. There is also an arts museum under construction that will be open within the next year. The entire structure is notable given its design that resembles the Sydney Opera House and its scenic position on the Turia River makes it a landmark that you cannot miss at night or even during the day.

Pay a visit to the Barri del Carme

The Barri del Carme is actually an old vibrant neighbourhood that is found within the old town centre of Valencia. The area is a great way to take in the historical culture of the city while also embracing the trendy diversity that Valencia is now known for.

Street in afternoon Barri del Carme Valencia spain

The entire district is spotted with trendy shops and outdoor cafes and filled with just about every walk of life. In addition, this is THE area for great eating and nightlife with large numbers of places to enjoy Spanish and international cuisine and then head out to the many bars that stay open until the sun comes up. While out at night make sure to try out Radio City and the Johnny Maracas where you can see true Spanish flamenco.

Head to the beaches

Just outside of Valencia are a few major beaches that offer great tanning and water sport activities for those that want to spend the day by the coast relaxing or trying out a new sport. You can easily take the tram to get the Playa e Levante o de la arenas or the Playa de Malvarrosa which are easily the most popular tourist destinations for those staying in the city.

Beach Valencia City Spain

However, if you have more time you may want to head to the El Saler which is known as the most developed beach and also the cleanest with many facilities dotting its coast. However, if you want a more undeveloped look at the Mediterranean shore you can try the Devesa beach, although be warned that there are a few nudist sections along the beach front.

Take a day trip out to the hot springs

About 90km away from Valencia to the north is a mountainous region of Spain that is known for its great scenic beauty, deep gorges, and of course crystal clear lagoon hot springs. The temps in the springs stay at a constant 25C yearly making any time of the year a perfect time to visit. The water holds a mystical allure as a way to help refresh youthful beauty and today it is hard not to believe that there just might be some truth in the statement as it is one of the most beautiful places in the world to relax in the soothing waters surrounded by natural beauty. Those that are looking to add a bit of adventure to their holiday may even consider cliff jumping from the corner of the lagoon which is quite popular among younger guys.

Shop at the Patriarca Square (Plaza del Patricia)

If you are a shopper than one place to head is Patriarca Square known as the Plaza del Patriarca to the natives because you will find a great mix of just about everything. With the plaza you can easily stumble around major national designer brands that are situated in between boutiques that offer independent fashions and goods. You will also find plenty of cafes serving coffee and sweet treats which can be a great place to relax and build up some energy for the night after a long day of shopping within Valencia.

Try authentic Paella

When in Spain one thing that you have to make sure to do is try out authentic paella, which is a rice dish that contains meat or fish. It is hard to define what the ‘real’ local flavour of the dish is given that every cook has their own version, but you should look for a local cuisine or small eatery if you want to get a true flavour that is made from fresh, natural ingredients which is when the flavours and spice truly come alive in your mouth. Try to order it for lunch since this is its typical serving time and be aware that if its advertised heavily at a touristy location it is probably a frozen dish so best look elsewhere.

Visit Manises

Most people only think of Manises as the location where the Valencia airport is actually located, but make time either before or after your flight to actually look around the town as it is actually one of the most historic pottery locations in Spain.

There are over 100 ceramics factories just within the municipality itself, and if you want to pick up some authentic pottery to take home with you as a true souvenir of your holiday experience, this is the place to do it. In addition, you can also visit the MCM Museum in town for a handful of excellent ceramic exhibitions.

Visit the Museo de Bellas Artes San Pio V

Finally, no visit to Valencia is complete without a taste of the local culture, and you can get both art and architecture if you head over to the Museo de Bellas Artes San Pio V.

Museo de Bellas Artes San Pio V

Here you will first get the treat of seeing a renovated Baroque building that resembles everything you connate to Spain, but the building exterior is not all the location has to offer as inside is one of the best painting archives in the county. Housed within the doors of the building are paintings by Velazquez, Goya, El Greco, Murillo, local Valencian painters from primitive times, and some archaeological pieces that offer a glimpse into the rich history of Valencia.

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