Ibiza, the world’s ONLY party destination

For the uninitiated Ibiza is well known as a major destination for party animals in the middle of the Mediterranean. For those who know, Ibiza is the ONLY party destination in the world, each summer it attracts huge numbers of people from every corner of Europe and the rest of the world, who want to dance the night away in what is easily the coolest club scene on the planet.

Since the late 70s and the resort town of San Antonio and its world-famous “West End” bar district has been a magnet for those who enjoy an unrivalled goodtime into the early hours. This area is predominantly frequented by huge numbers of young British people looking for a good time with a strong flavour of home.

Each summer the mega nightclubs of the island boom out the latest tunes from the hottest DJs in order to entice some of the millions of visitors to Ibiza into their particular musical dreamland. The hottest clubs include Amnesia, which at one time was an open-air club but now has a roof installed, the idea behind this seemed to be simply to enable them to crank up the volume, this is the summer home of Cream, which entices many young visitors to come back every night of the holiday.

If you think that size matters then Privilege is the club for you. The biggest nightclub on the planet still manages to get packed to the rafters every night of the week during the high season, this club even boasts its own swimming pool allowing revellers to cool down during a hard night’s partying.

Ibiza DJs

Located in a former aircraft hanger DC10 is not a small venue, it has a capacity of 1500 people and is famed for having an incredible sound system and many guest appearances by the world’s greatest DJs.

Perhaps the best-known nightclub brand in the world is Pascha, and their Ibiza venue rocks every night offering 3500 people the opportunity to listen to the best house music in one of its five huge rooms.

It is little surprise that the islands numero uno club is also regarded as the world’s number one club. Space has won every imaginable vote and award and accolade as being the very best place in the world to party.Ibiza Guys beach

It is little wonder therefore that the very best of the worlds DJs cannot let the summer pass without appearing at the club, especially at their famous ‘We Love Sundays’, this event is not for the fainthearted beginning at eight in the morning on Sundays and running until 6 AM on Monday morning.

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