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Rules of the road in Spain

The roads are titled differently in Spain and it is important to know what type of route you are on at all times.

  • A motorway is called an autopista and will have an A or E before the number on any road signs. Often these are toll roads and carry with them a speed limit of 120kph.
  • A dual carriageway is called an autovia. Speed limits range between 80kph to 120kph.
  • The local highways are called Carretera Local. Speed limit is generally 100kph but can be much lower in some stretches.
  • The national highway is called the Carretera National and will be marked with an N or CN before any number on a sign. Speed limits range between 60kph and 100kph.
  • Country roads are called Carretera Camarcal and will be marked with a C before the number. Speed limits range between 80kph and 100kph.
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